June 25, 2024

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This morning Russia resumed gas supplies via Nord Stream 1 to Germany

After maintenance, the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline is back in service on Thursday morning. However, supply volumes are at about 40% of the maximum capacity, about 67 million cubic meters per day.

This was announced by a representative of the operator company Nord Stream AG, writes Spiegel. Claimed volumes may also change during the day, subject to prior notice.

In the past ten days, there has been a real fear in Europe that after the announced technical work, Russia could permanently stop gas supplies to Germany. Moscow, on the other hand, stated that the complete cessation of gas supplies via Nord Stream 1 was due to the necessary work on the gas pipeline infrastructure, primarily with the failure of the Siemens turbine delivered to Canada for repair, writes “EUROPEAN TRUTH”.

It remains unclear how much gas Russia will now permanently transport through the pipeline. Ten days ago, it was only 40% occupied. There are some indications that Gazprom may further cut gas supplies. This is confirmed by the so-called “nominations” – the reservation of pipeline capacity.

These orders for gas transit through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline remained at a reduced level on Thursday. Klaus Müller, head of the Federal Grid Agency, said that pipeline nominations still represent about 30% of capacity.

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