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Kavala: a beaten woman asked for a ferry, but the captain refused

The ship “Diagoras” left the port of Kavala late due to the fact that an incident arose: a beaten woman asked to board, but the captain did not allow it.

On the night of Sunday (19.06) boarding the ship “Diagoras” in the main port of Kavala became the talk of the town. The woman, who was in a deplorable state, asked to be put on the ferry, but instead the captain called an ambulance to the port, which took the unfortunate woman to take her to the hospital.

However, the woman insisted that she needed to “get out of here” (referring to persecution) and signed a medical waiver, insisting that she be allowed on board.

According to preliminary information, she and her husband had a violent quarrel, as a result of which an aggressive man beat her. The couple arrived in Kavala by car from Macedonia. Her husband or partner (cohabitant), Greek by origin, did not appear at the port. The authorities have been informed of the incident and will open a case.

Surprising heartlessness is sometimes shown by persons on whom (alas and ah!) even human life depends, although, as they say, who would have thought that everything would turn out this way.

I would like to give an example of a shocking situation that occurred in Greece a couple of years ago. In the southern suburbs of Athens, a passing taxi was stopped by a bloody, panicked woman. She grabbed the door handle, intending to get into the passenger compartment, but the driver treated her harshly, not allowing her to do so. Literally a minute later, on the street, with a gun at the ready, the lady’s roommate appeared, who would shoot at her, inflicting a mortal wound.

Colleagues of the taxi driver sharply condemned him for his callousness. But the woman he really could have saved is now in the grave. And all that was required was to show participation and enter into a position. So little and so much…

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