June 25, 2024

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Cruise ship asked to leave Nice

A cruise ship was kicked out of the French port of Nice – residents complained about the noise and smoke.

It’s no secret that cruise ships are a source of pollution. But at the same time, it is an important source of income for the economy. However, ignoring the financial component, the city authorities of Nice ordered the liner that arrived there to leave the port. Just a few hours after his arrival, according to BFMTVit received complaints regarding environmental pollution.

Guess which ship we are talking about? About the Greek Aegan Odyssey, with three hundred passengers on board. Residents of Nice drew attention to the thick clouds of smoke that the cruise ship threw out and the noise from the ship’s equipment. They decided to complain to the city authorities.

Thus, just a few hours after arriving, the Greek ship was ordered to leave the port and headed towards Toulouse.
After the incident, the agent company Medov France, based in Marseille, responsible for stopping the liner on behalf of the charter company, turned to the port authorities for clarification. She drew attention to the fact that in this case a “blow to the reputation” of the company was dealt.

In turn, French cities located on the Mediterranean coast, more and more often in recent years, face a difficult dilemma – environmental cleanliness or a decent source of income for the local economy. And this is indeed a difficult choice in our time.

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