June 15, 2024

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An amateur fisherman went to sea from the port of Gramvousa on his inflatable boat. And just five meters from the shore, he realized that something big and heavy had fallen on his hook.

Christos Mantinakis, and it was he, called for help from his friend Nikos Katsoulos. It took two men a whole two hours to fish out a huge fish caught on a hook.

And only when she was exhausted, she managed to be lifted out of the water. Two local fishermen told ERT that they knew the shark population was declining dangerously. However, the sea dweller was already in such a state that even if they had cut the line, he would not have survived.

Two years ago Christos Mantinakis caught a shark in the waters of Chania but released it. The shark, caught at a depth of 500 meters on a fishing hook, weighed about 200 kg, while other sharks were caught in the specific area near Gramvous in the past, the publication reports. ethnos.gr.


Shark-pilgrim (scientific name Cetorhinus maximus, andknown as gigantic), is the second largest fish after the whale shark, reaching a length of up to 12 meters and a weight of 19 tons.

Like the whale shark, the giant shark feeds on plankton, but does not suck up water, but simply swims with its mouth open, filtering everything that gets into it through the gills. In this way, the giant shark is able to filter up to 2000 tons of water per hour. They live both in small flocks and singly. They do not pose a danger to humans. For a long time they were valuable commercial prey. Overfishing has reduced the population to vulnerable levels.

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