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The first information about the detention of Medvedchuk was revealed by Zelensky

Yesterday, the SBU reported that during a special operation, MP Viktor Medvedchuk, who had escaped from house arrest, was detained earlier. Details were promised later.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that the people’s deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life and the godfather of the Russian president detained when trying to leave the country. At the same time, he tried to impersonate a Ukrainian military man, dressed in the appropriate uniform.

As the president said, the leader of the Ukrainian Choice was hiding in Ukraine for 48 days after he left his house, where he was under house arrest. When trying to leave Ukraine, he was detained. Edition “Ukrainian Truth” quotes Vladimir Zelensky:

“It is very symbolic that it was on Cosmonautics Day that Medvedchuk was detained. He was in hiding for 48 days and finally decided to try to escape outside our state. Well, for this “cosmonaut” – in a bad sense of the word – the famous “Let’s go! “. I consider it especially cynical of him to use military camouflage. He tried to disguise himself like that. Such a warrior, such a patriot.

Well, if Medvedchuk himself chose a military uniform, he falls under the rules of wartime. I propose to the Russian Federation to exchange this guy of yours for our guys and girls who are now in captivity. Therefore, it is important that our law enforcement agencies and the military consider this possibility.”

The Kremlin reacted to this news yesterday. Dmitry Peskov commented on the event:

“The photo with the allegedly detained Medvedchuk needs to be checked due to the large number of fakes.”

Since May 2021, Medvedchuk has been under round-the-clock house arrest on suspicion of treason and attempted plunder of national resources. In October, another suspicion was added – treason and assistance to the activities of a terrorist organization. 5 days before the Russian invasion, Medvedchuk’s wife Oksana Marchenko left for Belarus and then posted a video from Moscow.

The Pechersky District Court in Kyiv placed Medvedchuk under house arrest until March 10, 2022. The deputy was suspected of illegal trade with the leaders of ORDLO. A few days before the start of the invasion of Russian troops near the estate of Medvedchuk in Kyiv, an active movement of cars was noticed, taking out the personal belongings of the family. On February 27, law enforcement officers confirmed to the media that Medvedchuk had escaped from house arrest.

The search for the fugitive deputy was carried out by a special group of the SBU together with prosecutors. The working hypothesis was the assumption that Medvedchuk was hiding at the home of one of his colleagues in the Opposition Platform for Life, so searches were carried out in the houses of people’s deputies of the party. The Prosecutor General’s Office assured that Medvedchuk had not traveled abroad.

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