June 14, 2024

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France wants to introduce grocery checks

French President Emmanuel Macron allows the introduction of food checks in the country to support vulnerable citizens.

According to RIA News, the French president wants to introduce food checks to help under-the-poverty households and the middle class cope with the crisis. Emmanuel Macron on the radio station France bleu explains his intentions:

“We will face a global food crisis. Therefore, France will initiate a coordinated response at the European level. What will we do in the short term? Almost what has been done in the field of energy resources. I will introduce food checks to help the most needy households and the average class so they can deal with the price increase.”

Jean-Yves Le Drian, head of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also earlier called for joint efforts to prevent a global food crisis against the backdrop of the situation in Ukraine.

Earlier, our publication wrote that UN Secretary General António Guterres warns of the threat of a “hurricane of hunger” because of the war in Ukraine. It has already disrupted supply chains and caused a sharp rise in prices – for food, fuel, transport. In his Twitter last Saturday, the NATO Secretary General notes that the war could cause the collapse of the global food system and mass starvation in the world.

However, food prices – from corn and wheat to meat and sugar – did not begin their rise today. Back in 2020, products began to rise in price due to the pandemic that broke out in the world, prices did not want to decrease even at a time when the coronavirus began to gradually recede. And now politics has unceremoniously intervened, forcing prices to rush up.

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