June 22, 2024

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Residence permit for one and a half thousand euros

Immigrants without problems received a residence permit in Greece, paying up to 1,500 euros. More than 60 people are accused.

“Incorruptible” cops EL.AS. carried out a carefully designed large-scale operation, during which almost 60 people were arrested. All of them made good money on residence permits issued in circumvention of the law, immigrants paid from 300 to 1500 euros for documents. However, the tariff was “floating, some had to pay a much larger amount.

Among the six dozen accused, according to the Thessaloniki investigation, are two employees of the competent departments of the decentralized administration of Macedonia and Thrace, numerous intermediaries and dozens of immigrants.

Officials were prosecuted for bribery. In the near future they will apologize to the investigator. Some immigrants have already been charged, after apologies and explanations they were released, reports newsbeast.gr.

We remind you: our publication reported on important information for holders of μπλε βεβαιωση with a residence permit application date before 12/31/2020. Check the date of issue of your blue certificates (μπλε βεβαίωση) for a residence permit so as not to remain in Greece illegally. This applies to all foreigners whose applications have not been considered for many years by the competent authorities of Greece (prefectures or the Ministry of Migration).

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