Patras: the circumstances of the death of three children

The leaders of the children’s clinics in Achaia and Attica are concerned about the circumstances of the death of the three children of the Daskalaki-Pipirigo family in Patras.

Three underage girls in the family, aged between 6 months and 9 years old, died suddenly between 2019 and early this year. At the same time, the appeal prosecutor of Patras on Thursday ordered a preliminary investigation into the case, which, not by chance, was transferred to the homicide department.

The death of the first of three children, 3.5-year-old Malena in 2019, was first attributed to an “unspecified cause” and then to liver failure. The girl suffered from leukemia and was hospitalized in Patras. However, in the last period before her death, her health improved significantly, and doctors believed that she had won the battle with cancer. Today, medical sources point out that organ failure cannot be considered the cause of death, arguing that something else happened that led to the death of the child.

There are also questions about the death of 6-month-old Irida in 2021. Moreover, this death was attributed to sudden cardiac arrest. And only after a histological examination it turned out that the baby had a rare heart disease.

Nevertheless, sources note that the girl was found dead in her crib at a time when nothing foreshadowed a fatal outcome. The father was reportedly absent at the time. The forensic examination was conducted by Angelica Zolia, who welcomed the decision of the Patras Attorney of Appeal to order a preliminary inquiry into this mysterious case.

Equally unclear are the causes of the death of 9-year-old Georgina at the end of January in the Children’s Hospital of Athens. The girl was taken to the Caramandanyo hospital a few months ago with convulsions. There, doctors were able to cure the problem and stabilize her health. However, at the moment when there were no hospital staff in the ward, Georgina lost consciousness for some unknown reason, and only after superhuman efforts did the doctors manage to save her life. But she got brain damage. The girl died at the Children’s Hospital at the end of January 2022, while the medical examiner Elias Bouzianis was unable to determine the cause of her death. The results of histological and toxicological studies are expected.

The prosecutor’s office for the investigation of murders in Attica took up the case.

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