June 25, 2024

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A new wave of cold and bad weather since the evening of Friday 28 January

Meteorologist Clearchos Marousakis warns of new weather disasters, a wave of bad weather that will hit the country. Heavy snowfall and frosts are expected.

In particular, Clearchos Marousakis states that a new wave of bad weather “will affect our country from Friday evening from the west and north. Its main characteristics are heavy snowfall (even in the lowland areas of the central and northern part of the country), as well as heavy rains and storms in the southern regions.”

The forecaster added that the reason for the bad weather is the passage of a cold atmospheric front from northern Europe, which, colliding with warmer and more humid air near the sea, will create a strong barometric minimum.

Difficult days will be Saturday and Sunday, according to the meteorologist, this new wave of bad weather will affect the prefecture of Attica, where heavy rains and heavy snowfalls are expected in the northern part of the region, in the foothills and mountains.

In addition, the situation may develop in such a way that the sudden melting of snow will cause flooding.



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