How to recover from a festive feast

Russian doctors gave recommendations on how to recuperate and feel well after the festive feast.

They were unanimous in the main directions: sleep (but not oversleep!), Drink broth, take a walk in the fresh air and lean more on fruits / vegetables (without overeating), RIA Novosti tells.

Andrey Tyazhelnikov, chief specialist in primary health care for the adult population of the Moscow Department of Health, clarifies about sleep – if the night was sleepless, you can sleep a little longer in the morning, this will restore strength. But hibernating all weekend is not at all helpful:

“Sleep” all the way, I do not advise. Sleeping on the first day of the new year, you can very easily bring down the regime, and there is a risk of oversleeping all the holidays. As a result, you will return to work after the holidays sluggish, not rested and will recover for a long time. air, do something actively. And then in the evening, a little tired, you will already enter normal mode. “

To avoid the pangs of a hangover, food that reduces intoxication – soups, broths, dairy products – helps. You should not “improve your health” with alcohol – until the body has coped with the processing of the doses received the day before, it can be dangerous. Supported by a colleague and Evgeny Brun, chief narcologist of the Moscow Department of Health:

“The day after the New Year’s feast, it is useful to eat fermented milk products, strong broths, soups, pickles, and also drink brine. This effectively helps to reduce the intoxication of the body as a whole … It is very dangerous to take new alcohol before the body has processed the old one. The processing process alcohol takes from three days to three weeks. You don’t need to have a hangover or use aspirin-containing drugs in a state of hangover. “

The expert noted that instead of the usual aspirin, it is better to use preparations containing succinic acid, they significantly accelerate the processing of alcohol. And also – it is better to prepare for the New Year’s feast gradually, without starving in the days preceding it. Otherwise, overeating on a holiday will cause discomfort, a feeling of heaviness, unpleasant “shifts” in the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Antonina Starodubova, chief nutritionist of the Moscow Department of Health, tells what to do if you still overeat:

“First of all, stop blaming yourself, tune in to a healthy diet and a responsible attitude to your health. Restore the correct daily routine, including diet, so your digestive tract will be less stressful. Do not be too hungry so that you do not overeat later. Refuse plentiful and late dinners, food at night.Eating should be regular, at least three main meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and additional – second breakfast, afternoon snack, and one and a half to two hours before bedtime – kefir, yogurt or other low-fat fermented milk product “.

The nutritionist also warned against uncontrolled intake of enzymatic drugs – these are still medications that must be taken as prescribed by a doctor. Better to use natural remedies:

“Do not forget about fruits, vegetables and berries – a source of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Vitamins and antioxidants increase the body’s resistance to adverse environmental factors. Fiber has a beneficial effect on the functional state of the gastrointestinal tract. Eat at least 400 daily. grams of various fresh vegetables, salads, side dishes and vegetable soups. Vegetables, with the exception of potatoes, are relatively low in calories, a vegetable dish should be included in every main meal. “

The doctor gave another important recommendation – to remember the beneficial effects of physical activity:

“Move more. Skating, skiing, sledging, walking, active outdoor games – all this, in the best possible way, will help to spend the New Year holidays in a good mood and health benefits.”

And the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov gave the only correct, in his opinion, advice on what to do in order not to suffer from a post-intoxication state after the holidays:

“You just have to not drive you to a hangover – that’s the only thing you can do. Because there is no magic cure for it.”

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