The number of unusual allergy sufferers is growing in the world

An unusual disease is spreading around the world – an allergy to cold, according to Russian immunologist Natalya Maltseva, a specialist at the Moscow Center for Allergology and Immunology, City Clinical Hospital No. 52:

“An increase in the incidence has been recorded, and throughout the world, not only in our northern country. People in Africa also suffer from cold urticaria, taking into account their demographic characteristics.”

In the course of the study, patients were registered who had obvious symptoms of allergy not only to low ambient temperatures, but even to contact with a cold object.

The most common manifestation of an increased reaction of the body is urticaria – skin rashes in the form of blisters. In more serious cases, angioedema, or Quincke’s edema, develops. It can be local (eyes, lips) or systemic, life-threatening if the respiratory system is affected.

The study was conducted in 17 countries. RIA News… At the same time, an increased reaction of the body to cold occurs in allergy sufferers not only in winter, but also in hot summer. Among the rarest manifestations are runny nose and contact dermatitis.

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