June 25, 2024

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Some money and a lot of antibodies: "superwaxer" pricked "for another"

Those who wanted to get a vaccination certificate, but not get vaccinated, offered the person who wanted to “earn extra money” 25 euros and go for an injection instead of them.

As it became known, a man was arrested at the Agia Varvara hospital when he came for a coronavirus vaccination, having a document for another person as an identity card. Apparently, he tried to deceive the doctors, but the 45-year-old citizen was “caught red-handed.”

At the Agia Varvara district police department, a man said that he went to get vaccinated on behalf of another person, because he was offered money in the amount of 25 euros for it. The detainee also admitted that this is not the first time.

The superwaxer told police that he received several doses of the vaccine, each time on behalf of a different person and for a fee.

What is certain is that he acquired a little money and a lot of antibodies.

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