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John Paliospiru in Paris: doctors’ verdict is shocking

A 36-year-old young woman who was attacked by a rival with sulfuric acid is going through difficult times. She arrived in France to consult with doctors about how to recover further.

Joanna Paliospiru underwent a new course of treatment to restore acid-damaged skin. Recall that a chemical burn affected most of the body of a young woman.

The director of the plastic surgery clinic and burns department of the Triasio hospital, where the patient was treated, told in the Ευτυχείτε program that Joanna knew from the first moment about her health condition and prognosis. “The burns are very deep and widespread, spread over a large part of the body. In addition to the face, the hands and chest were affected. There are some burns on the side and back. Joanna knew the truth from the first moment. During the first few days, we gradually told her how things really were and never lied to her. She knew from the very beginning that she had a long way to go, ”says Joanna’s doctor.

Despite the fact that it has been 1.5 years since the attack with sulfuric acid occurred, Joanna is courageously moving towards recovery, although everything is not so smooth, the hope for a better result seems to be dwindling every day.

Next to her is Annita Nathaniel again, who accompanies and supports the girl. In her Instagram post, she said that the French experts’ assessment was very tough and Joanna is going through hard times.

“We set out to make a video to tell you how it went. However, what John heard from the doctors made her very upset,” Annita added pointedly.

Recall doused with acid, Joanna was recognized as a victim of a crime with the intent of murder

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