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The expiry date of the vaccination certificate, the 4th dose will not be needed

The issue of the expiration of the vaccination certificates, in the absence of a joint decision at the European level, was left “open” by the Secretary General of Primary Health Care of the Ministry of Health Marios Themistokleous.

In an interview with the journalists of the SKAI channel, he explained that the discussion of the expiration of the certificate is being studied by specialists. “In France, it was restricted to people aged 65. There is a discussion at the level of EU ministers, and if there is no joint decision, our country can move in a different direction, ”he said.

Regarding the possibility of administering a fourth dose of the vaccine, Mr. Themistocleous commented that it is logically unnecessary, since reliable scientific evidence suggests that with the third dose a person gets a constant level of immunity. “This is not specified, but, logically, it is likely that the fourth dose of the vaccine will not be needed,” he said.

Vaccination data
Over the past 10 days, between 225,000 and 230,000 first doses of vaccinations have been recorded. “Citizens have received 55,000 daily vaccinations (up from the previous 20,000 daily),” said the general secretary of primary health care. and this is very important. “

As for the increase in the number of vaccinations, the specialist commented that one of the motives is the announcement of tougher measures, and the second is that, due to the increase in cases of infected, some people ran to get vaccinated, because they realized that the virus is here and “it will not be possible to meet with it avoid “(that is, a choice between two options: either get sick or get vaccinated).

The expert stressed that it is even more important to vaccinate the elderly, and they made the third dose. The effect of the vaccine is gradually decreasing, especially in people over 60 years of age. He also stressed that a booster (additional) 3rd dose is mandatory for immunocompromised patients.

“The platform for the third dose will open in 5.5 months, and for the vaccination of citizens in 6 months (who have undergone full vaccination, who have made the second dose). The exact date will be announced on Monday when the platform will open as it requires a small technical adjustment, ”said Mr Themistocleous.

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