Joint statement to the UN Security Council

The countries of the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States called Belarus guilty of the migration crisis. They are ready to discuss sanctions against her and those who “contribute to the development of the situation on the border with Poland.”

TASS reports on the joint statement of these countries, released on Thursday, following closed consultations in the UN Security Council.

France, Estonia, Ireland, Great Britain, Norway, the USA and Albania came out with “condemnation of the organized instrumentalization of people whose lives and well-being are threatened in the political interests of Belarus.” In their opinion, Minsk is pursuing the goal of “destabilizing the situation on the external borders of neighboring states and the European Union, and diverting attention from violations of human rights within Belarus itself.” The joint statement says:

“Together we express solidarity with Poland and Lithuania, and are ready to discuss further measures that we can take to support them, as well as measures against those involved in the actions of the regime [президента Белоруссии Александра] Lukashenka and helps them, providing the possibility of illegal crossing of the external border of the European Union. “

The countries express unity and determination in protecting the EU from “hybrid operations of the Belarusian authorities”. They call on the countries of origin of migrants for cooperation, which can and must warn their citizens “against falling into the trap of the Belarusian authorities.”

In the adopted document, the countries also appeal to Minsk, with a call to provide migrants with protection and assistance:

“We emphasize that all actions must be taken on the basis of fundamental values, in order to protect the lives of people.”

The authors of the statement emphasize that the actions of the Belarusian authorities “are unacceptable and require a tough international reaction and interaction in order to bring Belarus to justice. [ситуация] demonstrates that the mode [президента Белоруссии Александра] Lukashenko has become a threat to regional stability. “

Recall that on November 8, the crisis on the border of Belarus with Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, where migrants actively rushed at the beginning of this year, sharply aggravated. November 10 came into effect state of emergency on the border between Lithuania and Belarus, as announced by the Lithuanian Seim. The decision was made against the background of the aggravation of the situation with illegal migrants. The regime will operate along the entire length of the border and on the 5-kilometer territory adjacent to it.

The Polish Ministry of Defense, in turn, published a video from the Polish-Belarusian border, where a group of illegal migrants stormed the border patrol. They throw stones, bottles and sticks at Polish soldiers through the barrage. The defense department noted that border guards have to deal with such aggression of migrants every day. At the border have accumulated several thousand migrantswho are not going to leave. Given the current situation, the Polish authorities decided suspend the operation of the point Forge passes. The mobilization of several brigades of the Territorial Defense Forces has been announced.

EU countries accuse Minsk of deliberately escalating the crisis and call for the imposition of sanctions. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the Western countries themselves are to blame for this situation, because of whose actions people are fleeing the war. Belarusian President threatens to block gas supplies to the EU if Europe introduces new sanctions: “If new sanctions are imposed on us, we must react.”

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