May 18, 2024

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A house full of shoppers collapses in eastern Turkey

A two-story building that housed shops and a restaurant on the ground floor collapsed tonight in Turkey.

It is still not known exactly how many visitors and buyers were there, according to HaberTurk. The incident happened on a busy street in Malatya at 4:50 pm in the evening, when residents filled shops on their way home from work.

At least 10 people are under the rubble of the collapsed house. Rescuers report 13 admitted to the hospital. Local media write that as a result of the planned repairs, the support column was damaged, which was the cause of the incident. His witness Turhan Kobanoglu says:

“First I heard a crack, and then the house collapsed. There was a cloud of dust. It was like doomsday.”

Official reports are controversial about the number of people in the house. Local mayor Osman Guder told the TV channel that 20-25 people are still trapped. However, later it was reported that there were about 10 people under the rubble. Two of those rescued were seriously injured.

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