June 14, 2024

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Mayor Oreokastro blackmailed "intimate" video

Mayor Oreokastro was blackmailed with videos that captured personal moments of his life. The criminals demanded 40,000 euros.

The arrest of the three people blackmailing Pantelis Tsakiris was carried out by the officers of the Extortion Investigation Directorate of the Security Directorate of Thessaloniki.

According to thestival.gr, the arrested and their accomplice, against whom the case was initiated, blackmailed the mayor of Oreokastro with intimate videos. The city website also reports that the blackmail operation was coordinated by Mr. Tsakiris’s political opponent.

Three arrested persons, two men 46 and 66 years old, and a woman 22 years old, as well as their 60-year-old accomplice, are accused of conspiracy to extortion, violation of the confidentiality of oral and telephone communication, violation of the law on the protection of personal data.

According to a police statement, the two arrested demanded a sum of 40,000 euros. Otherwise, they threatened to discredit the mayor by publishing personal video materials.

A police operation was immediately organized, during which the 46-year-old man arrived yesterday at a pre-arranged meeting in the Kalamaria area to receive the agreed amount, after which he was arrested. Then a 66-year-old man was arrested, expecting that his accomplice would transfer part of the amount, and a woman, in whose telephone the facts of the case were found. A case was initiated against a 60-year-old citizen who “coordinated” the actions of a group of persons.

The police confiscated and sent for further laboratory analysis electronic devices (mobile phones, laptops, USB), as well as a portable dictaphone, with which the detained man, without the mayor’s knowledge, recorded his conversation with the victim of the upcoming blackmail. Those arrested were brought before a competent prosecutor.

The mayor of Oreokastro, Pantelis Tsakiris, wrote on his Facebook account that he had filed a complaint with the police that he was being blackmailed and about the violent invasion of his personal and family life.

“I am appalled by the brutal invasion of my personal and family life. And I am disgusted with the methods used by ‘some’ to achieve their goals. Enough! Justice will prevail. prompt and effective adjudication of the case. Democracy is not blackmailed, “Mayor Oreokastro said in a Facebook post.

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