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A trick to smuggle more clothes on the plane

Are you one of those travelers who load a suitcase so tightly that it always exceeds the allowable limit? Instagrammer revealed a trick on how to take more clothes with you without overpaying.

A couple who travel the world and share their experiences, Marie and Jake. They are known for sharing photos from their travels online and have over 1.1 million Instagram followers.

The pillowcase trick
A few days ago, Marie shared a video in which she stuffs a pillowcase with extra clothes that won’t fit in her suitcase. This life hack has been described as “best” by other social media users.

In the short video, Marie fills an empty pillowcase with clothes and then goes to the airport and gets on a plane. Despite being crammed with clothes, the pillowcase looks comfortable enough to be worn under your head during a flight.

This clever trick can be used to save space for luggage – if you don’t want to be like a certain citizen who is wearing as many as 15 T-shirts so as not to pay for excess weight!

Viral life hack – what users say
The video has been viewed over 794,000 times and received over 43,000 likes from impressed viewers. “This is so smart! I will definitely do it on my next trip, ”one woman wrote. “Thanks for this brilliant idea,” added another, and a third commented, “Smart. You have clothes, even if your suitcase is lost. “

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