February 25, 2024

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The translation service at the Greek Foreign Ministry ceases to operate

The translation service under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stops providing official translations for citizens and organizations. Instead, a “body of certified translators” is being created in Greece.

The translation service is being abolished, and instead a new translation system is being created under the control of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as stated in the order of the ministry: “in order to simplify the process of translating documents, eliminate bureaucracy and speed up the services provided without compromising the validity and reliability of translated documents.”

In this context, a new “Authority of Certified Translators in Accordance with the Standards of Most European Countries” is being created, to which individuals and government agencies will have direct access and the ability to select from the “Register of Certified Translators” through a fully digitized and operational process (barcode, digital signature).

After the closure of the translation agency under the Greek Foreign Ministry, those translations that are executed and certified by lawyers who speak the language from which the translation into Greek is made are recognized as official in Greece. Accordingly, citizens in need of an official translation of documents can turn to private lawyers who have the right to officially translate and certify translations.

The Register of Certified Translators includes certified translators from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Certified translators officially translate from a foreign language into Greek and vice versa, providing their services as freelancers / self-employed:

public and private documents provided by individuals or government agencies; For documents of countries in respect of which Greece has expressed reservations regarding their accession to the Hague Convention, and until these reservations have been withdrawn, ratification is carried out only at the corresponding consulate of the country located in the territory of Greece.

The official translation of private documents takes place after they have been verified or approved. Certified translators can also translate uncertified or unverified, unsigned or computerized private documents, the translation of which is not an official translation.

You can also use the information system of the Unified Digital Portal of Public Administration (gov.gr), which implements an application for the classification and search for a Certified Translator, at the following link: https://metafraseis.services. gov.gr/

It was reported that the minimum fee for legal services per page of translation and for the category of translation of a document, in accordance with the classification of Article 148 of Law 4781/2021, was determined by a joint decision of the Ministers of Finance and Foreign Affairs (No. 3903) 092.1 / DP 4151. Get acquainted with it you can follow the link here

For questions regarding certified translators or the Register of Certified Translators, you can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (phone 210-3681782 and email. Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address).

Official translations of documents in the Athens Translation Center, Athens, Omonia region, st. Evpolidos No. 14, 3rd floor, tel. 210-3225919, opening hours 09: 00-19: 00, www.athenstranslations.gr

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