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How many users are on social networks? Eurostat provided data for 2020

The Internet has rapidly and imperiously entered our life, offering social networks for communication and participation in various projects. How many European users spend time there? Eurostat answers the question.

According to him, last year 57% of Europeans, aged 16-74, participated in social networks, which is 3% more than in 2019. True, the data for different countries is ambiguous. Most of all fans of such communication in Denmark – 85%. This is followed by the Belgians (79%), Cypriots (78%), Finns (75%), Hungarians (74%). According to the APE, the Greeks are not far behind the leaders, not much, but still exceeding the European average of 59%. But the inhabitants of Italy (48%), Germany (54%), Poland and Bulgaria (55%) show the lowest rates.

The numbers change with decreasing age. In the group of young people from 16 to 24 years old, Denmark again demonstrates the highest rate – 97%, the lowest – Italy (79%). Older people are clearly not fans of social networks, although many are their active users – in the 65-74 age group there are about 22% of them, that is, one in five. The leaders are again the inhabitants of Denmark (60%), the lagging behind – Croatia (10%).

For 10 years of collecting such data by Eurostat, since 2011, the number of European citizens in social networks has increased by 36%. “Social media engagement” refers to activities that involve creating a user profile, messaging, and other uses of social communities.

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