Ukraine: crows’ aggression continues in Kiev

Another case of an attack by an aggressive crow on a person was recorded in the Ukrainian capital. Bird watchers explain the phenomenon simply, but it doesn’t make it easier for people, the media state.

The last time a young Kiev woman fell victim to an aggressive bird, the air attack came as a complete surprise to her and scared her out of the blue. Why birds attack people, bird watchers explain simply – they protect their chicks. At the same time, birds can hardly be called aggressive – such cases in nature are quite rare. However, it happens that the birds take revenge. There is a known case when a crow attacked a man throwing peas at her for the sake of interest, not trying to hurt him at all. But can you explain your “benevolent” motives to the bird? In response, she attacked.

Recently, the number of birds in the Ukrainian capital has greatly increased, and the number of bird nests has increased accordingly. Bird watchers explain that the period of aggression usually lasts from mid-May to mid-June, when the crows incubate their offspring and train the chicks to fly. They advise not to irritate the birds and just stay away from them.

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