Poland will simplify the employment procedure for Ukrainian workers

The global coronavirus pandemic has caused great damage to the Polish economy, which is heavily dependent on labor migrants from the East.

In order to at least partially compensate for these losses, the Polish authorities have developed a set of measures, within the framework of which it is planned to simplify the access of foreign workers to the local labor market.

Thanks to the National Plan for Reconstruction of the Country after the Epidemic, they are going to increase the role of regional labor offices in issuing work permits to foreigners, reduce the time for obtaining such documents and minimize unnecessary formalities by digitalizing the process.

This should especially apply to specialties in which Poles themselves are reluctant to work in Poland: in the spheres of construction and trade. Moreover, local employers speak very well of labor migrants from Ukraine and Belarus.

Poles are also ready to become seasonal workers, but not at home, but in more developed European countries. True, the coronavirus can become a problem there too. Such as, for example, on the largest asparagus farm in Germany in Lower Saxony, where 130 workers, mostly from Poland, were immediately infected with covid. Due to strict quarantine measures, the workers on the farm found themselves in the position of prisoners of a concentration camp.

Recall that since the beginning of the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian migrant workers who worked in Europe have returned to their country. However, after the weakening of quarantine, many again went to work. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry did not express any protests, although Poland at the state level reports that it intends to provide the growth of its economy with the “hands” of Ukrainians and their families.

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