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Acid Disfigured Victim Doesn’t Accept Apology

John’s side gives its answer to the confession of the crime of a 35-year-old woman, made with a delay of a year.

As you know, in Kallithea on May 20, 2020, an attack with sulfuric acid was made on Joanna. At the same time, the victim of the attack was admitted to the hospital in serious condition. Doctors diagnosed a chemical burn of 20% of the patient’s body.

After a while, after a thorough investigation and the discovery of indisputable evidence, the police arrested the 35-year-old criminal.

In an interview with iefimerida, the family’s lawyer, Apostolos Litras, said that “neither Joanna nor her family accept the apology from the attacker,” because, in their opinion, she does not really regret what she had done.

“During her apology, she tried to justify her act, claiming that she was not aware of the harm that the acid could do and that the amount of chemical splashed in her opponent’s face was small. However, the facts from the materials of the case indicate the opposite, since the number was still large and caused serious damage to the health of Joanna. It is clear that the intention of the criminal was to destroy the rival, ”emphasizes Mr. Litras.

Defendant’s side
Sakis Kehagioglu, a 35-year-old woman’s lawyer, says: “The accused took responsibility for her actions, apologized to the victim and her family (which she hopes will be accepted) for the pain and suffering caused, stressing that she never wanted to her death. “

Sakis Kehagioglu emphasizes that his client also said that she “would like to return to the past and change everything.” According to the lawyer, the motive for the attack was “overwhelming jealousy, leading to despair, and hatred of John in a very important personal matter that she would not want to talk about.”

As “Russian Athens” wrote earlier, almost 10 months after the attack on Ioanna in Kallithea, when a jealous rival doused her with sulfuric acid, the girl is still in the stage of recovery.

She found the strength and courage to publicly show her face, giving the magazine “OK!” the right to publish her photo. After 10 operations, the girl, whose life collapsed overnight, is now forced to wear a hard plastic mask that “holds” her face and helps stabilize the healing tissues. But still, the burns on her face are noticeable, as well as on her hands. Maria Kalofonu, director of the plastic surgery and burn department at Triasio Hospital, told in the программеυτυχείτε program that Ioanna knew from the first moment about her health condition and prognosis. “The burns are very deep and widespread, spread over a large part of the body. In addition to the face, the hands and chest were affected. There are some burns on the side and back. Joanna knew the truth from the first moment. During the first few days, we gradually told her how things really were and never lied to her. She knew from the very beginning that she had a long way to go, ”says Johanna’s doctor. The doctor also mentioned the mask that John wears: “It has functional utility. It is a tool that aids healing and prevents the skin from pulling in the wrong direction. It also helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin. The big problem with burns is that the scars pull the face in unwanted directions. This is one of the biggest problems in plastic surgery and a mask like this is one way to deal with it. Joanna saw her face before leaving the hospital. She behaves very courageously. “This is a person who takes his problem very seriously,” says the doctor. Recall that 35-year-old Efi K., who poured acid on John, has not yet apologized for what she had done, although her guilt has been fully proven.

Course of events

In the metropolitan area of ​​Kallithea, on May 20, 2020, there was a “showdown” between two women. One doused the other with sulfuric acid. At the same time, 34-year-old Ioanna was admitted to the hospital in serious condition. Doctors diagnosed a chemical burn of 20% of the patient’s body. Law enforcement agencies immediately launched an investigation into the brutal, personally motivated attack. According to preliminary information, the attacker committed the crime out of hatred and jealousy.

The victim of the crime, a young woman, went to work in the office that day. At 09:40, she entered the entrance of the building located on Fiseos Street (Kallithea) and stopped at the elevator. At that moment, a “dressed in black” woman in a protective mask approached her and suddenly splashed some liquid on her. As it turned out, it was sulfuric acid that got on the face and body of the victim. According to eyewitnesses, the criminal immediately retired, running across Fiseos Avenue, and took a taxi.

At this time, 34-year-old Joanna began screaming in pain, and passers-by immediately rushed to her aid. The girl was taken to the nearest pharmacy, where the pharmacist helped the victim to take off the clothes that had literally melted and adhered to the skin, and provided first aid.

For three months the patient was treated in the burn center of the Triasio hospital. She has now undergone 10 recovery operations and is at home. Alas, John still has a long way to go to recovery.

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