February 3, 2023

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Endless parties and crowds: the police disperse the audience once again

Despite the very difficult epidemiological situation in the country, the population, quite tired of quarantine, goes out into the streets, arranges gatherings, while neglecting the observance of the measures introduced by the authorities to protect against coronavirus.

Police and civilians clashed in Faliro on Sunday evening. It is reported that unidentified persons threw stones at a patrol car, which arrived to check compliance with measures in the territory of Ολυμπιακά Ακίνητα after a call came to them about the ongoing “get-together”.

Arriving at the scene at 21:30 and finding the crowd, the police called on the citizens to disperse through the loudspeaker. The patrolmen were not even allowed to get out of the car (so that they would not start issuing fines to violators), throwing stones and improvised means at the car. Reported. that the vehicles suffered some damage and no police officers were injured.

This weekend and in Thessaloniki, thousands of people gathered at outdoor parties at Aristotle University, in squares and sidewalks, having fun until the morning, turning on loud music and drinking alcohol. The youth turned motorcycle seats into makeshift bar counters and continued to hang out, despite police admonitions.

In Patras, despite alarming epidemiological data and a ban on store openings, people took to the streets on Sunday to protest the quarantine measures. The benches and squares were filled with people. Most of the townspeople, with coffee or drink in hand, were without masks, disregarding the rules of distancing.

We must pay tribute to the police: no sanctions were applied against people. Apparently no one in the government wants a repetition events of early March in Nea Smyrni, which ended in mass carnages and sharply negatively affected the rating of the current government.

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