June 22, 2024

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Albania "takes a bite" a piece of the territory of Greece

According to pronews.gr, Greece's northern neighbor has made several attempts to change the border in favor of Albania in the Gramos mountain range and specifically in Kastoria.

According to edition, in recent years the border has been moved by several tens of meters (up to 150 meters). Thanks to this, a small high-altitude lake with the Greek name Gistova is now shown on Google maps as Albanian. The “pyramids” (the Greek version of the border pillars defining the Greco-Albanian and Greco-Scopal borders) were also moved. There are old maps and other documents confirming that at least recently this small lake was considered Greek.

This important issue is not current, as pronews.gr covered it in detail in 2018, when they reported the theft of 105 border “pyramids” from the Greco-Skopi border (very close to the Greco-Albanian border), as well as strange damage and movements of other pyramids on the border with Albania.

Let us recall that the statement on the “settlement of the border with Albania” by then Prime Minister A. Tsipras was made in July 2018 and concerned the issue of the location of “pyramids” on the border with the neighboring country.

It is these pyramids that define the borders with both Albania and Skopje. The fact is that moving these “pyramids” leads to changes in boundaries. Let us remember that in the old days in villages fields were marked with stakes. It is also known that some land owners moved these stakes several meters at night in order to gain additional square meters, since there was no land registry then, and after a few years, by the right of usufruct, if there was no resistance, it was possible to legally usurp someone else's property.

It seems that something similar is happening at the state level, with the difference, of course, that the Greek government pretends that it “does not see anything.” The post-World War I agreements that defined the Greek-Albanian border stipulated that it would be defined at Mt. “where rainwater is divided.” The demarcation was, in fact, carried out by Greek and Albanian officers in the presence of an international observer.

At this location, since there is no natural boundary or wall, about eighty pyramid-shaped stone objects. Their height reaches two meters, on one side it is written “Greece” and the number of the pyramid, and on the other – “Albania”. These pyramids are regularly maintained and are often moved due to natural phenomena. What exactly was done at the border must be verified by the Geographical Service of the Greek Army.

An anonymous complaint received by our office has given us the opportunity to re-raise this important issue. After all, the Greek national territory is never surrendered to anyone, even if we are talking about just a few square meters.

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