June 21, 2024

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Poll: 30% for ND, K. Velopoulos "sank" up to 7%, A.Latinupulu on the threshold of 3%

Interesting data is presented in the Interview poll, where there is a drop in the percentages of Kyriakos Velopoulos and the “Greek Solution”, and, on the contrary, an increase in the percentages of “Voice of Reason” Aphrodite Latinopoulou, who is now close to the 3% threshold for entry into the European Parliament.

It is obvious that the speech of the new politician convinces the right-wing electorate, and now there is a “current” that increases its performance. This trend is expected to intensify as the European elections approach, and the likelihood of the Voice of Reason entering the European Parliament is particularly high. It seems that Spartan voters, since their party is excluded from the European elections according to a well-known procedure, are choosing Aphrodite Latinopoulou, who was the only one who spoke in favor of their ban in the Supreme Court.

As for New Democracy, its share has dropped to 30%, which does not please Maxim, but since the difference with the second party, that is, SYRIZA, is twice as large, this does not change anything in terms of political relationships. Serious problems will arise for New Democracy if its performance in the European elections falls below 30%, that is, reaches 26-27%.


In particular, the poll results show that New Democracy (ND) has 30% against 15.5% for SYRIZA, PASOK is in third place with 11%, followed by KKE with 6%, Greek Solution with 7%, New Left 4.5%, Freedom Course 2.4% and Niki 3.1%.


Among parties not included in parliament, ΜεΡΑ25 has 2.3%, Voice of Reason – 2.4%, Democrats – 2.3%, and undecided 9.9%.


At the same time, Kyriakos Mitsotakis continues to be the first and top choice for the most suitable Prime Minister with 42%, Stefanos Kasselakis received 15% of responses and Nikos Androulakis 7%.


In the same poll, the candidates for the European Parliament were counted: Elisa Vosemberg took first place in the list of candidates for the European Parliament from ND with 34.5%, followed by Freddy Beleris (28.1%), Vangelis Meimarakis (27.3%), Giorgos Avtias (20.4%), Eleonora Meleti (19%), Dimitris Tsiodras (17.9%), Pyrros Dimas (16.4%) and Stelios Kimouropoulos (15.9%).


In SYRIZA, Kostas Arvanitis leads (42.3%), followed by Nikos Pappas (37.3%), Nikos Farantouris (36.5%) and Sofia Bekatorou (24.4%).


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