June 23, 2024

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"World formula" from Dmitry Medvedev

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev voiced the “Russian formula for peace”, the main message of which is the reunification of Ukraine with the Russian Federation.

As always, without choosing too much expression, Medvedev wrote on Telegram:

“When I hear the expression “Zelensky’s peace formula,” I experience an irresistible feeling of disgust, which quickly turns into a feeling of shame from the bad surrealism of what is happening. After all, everyone understands perfectly well, including the rude Western liars, that even in much simpler situations during war, peace can be achieved either in the presence of the mutual will of the parties on the basis of a reasonable compromise, or through the surrender of one of the parties to the conflict.”

The so-called “Russian peace formula” provides, according to Medvedev:

  • capitulation of Ukraine;
  • “payment of all compensation due to Russia”;
  • “adopting an act on the reunification of the territories of the former “Ukraine” with the Russian Federation.”

According to the deputy chairman of the Security Council, in order to achieve “consensus with the international community,” Ukraine must announce “complete and unconditional surrender, carry out demilitarization, dismiss all constitutional authorities and immediately hold elections to a provisional parliament.” He also insists that Western countries recognize the “Kiev political regime as Nazi” and carry out “forced denazification of all government bodies” under UN supervision.

And also Ukraine must pay compensation to the Russian Federation, in particular, compensation to the relatives of soldiers, and “officially recognize that the entire territory of Ukraine is the territory of the Russian Federation”:

“This could be the soft Russian formula for peace. After all, this is a compromise position, right? I think it is precisely on this basis that we can seek a benevolent consensus with the international community, including the Anglo-Saxon world, hold productive summits, counting on mutual understanding of our close friends – Western partners.” .

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