June 23, 2024

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Elon Musk: “The government will call everything it doesn’t like hate speech”

Elon Musk called the bill on “hate speech” on the Internet, which should be passed by the Irish Parliament, very dangerous, since the term is vague and is used to ban any news, messages or statements that the authorities do not like.

“If the Irish Parliament passes a bill defining “hate speech” like what they think “hate speech”people should be extremely concerned about this. By “disinformation” the WEF means anything that contradicts its program!” This statement was made in response to the announcement that the main issue at this year’s meeting in Davos, Switzerland, was… disinformation.

Elsewhere, the billionaire praised Twitter for its freedom of speech and expression, while also expressing his concerns about those accusing the platform of spreading misinformation:

“And if someone says there is misinformation, then when I ask them to give an example, they can’t give one! So I would say they’re lying when they say that. Either they’re lying or they don’t know.” “what they say. Fools or liars.”


Note that when Elon Musk was asked about the cost of acquiring the first Twitter now X, he said that “$44 billion is not the cost of acquiring the platform, but the cost of restoring freedom of speech”!

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