May 22, 2024

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Megara: four-year-old child’s condition is critical after beating by mother’s partner (video)

There is no limit to the cruelty of adults towards children: a 4-year-old child was the victim of a beating by his mother’s partner in Megara, and his three brothers were also beaten.

In a message from the hospital Γ.Ν.Π.Α. “Π&Α ΚΥΡΙΑΚΟΥ” and 1 Ministry of Health of Attica (1η ΥΠΕ Αττικής) says:

  1. A 4-year-old male minor, Roma, was transferred by Σ/ΕΚΑΒ from the Triasio Hospital to the intensive care unit of Γ.Ν.Π.Α on January 11, 2024 at 5:30 p.m. “Π&Α ΚΥΡΙΑΚΟΥ” with severe head injury.
  2. At the Triasio Hospital (on initial admission), impaired consciousness and severe neurological semiology were found, the child was immediately intubated and underwent imaging examination, where a CT scan of the brain revealed a right subdural hematoma and cerebral edema.
  3. The boy was immediately hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the Russian Academy of Sciences, where he was prescribed deprivation therapy and a CT scan of the brain was repeated with stable results.
  4. He is in severe critical condition; the child has multiple injuries with an unclear mechanism of injury.

One of the three brothers of a beaten four-year-old child, now in a coma, broken arm, reported the Ministry of Health. Three children were taken to the hospital by order of the prosecutor’s office. The medical bulletin states:

“Following a preliminary investigation by the police and a verbal order from the Athens Juvenile Prosecutor, the three minor brothers of the 4-year-old victim were taken away on January 11, 2024. The children were aged eleven, ten and eight. The 8-year-old was diagnosed with a fractured upper limb and treated surgically. They are being treated in the orthopedic department of the hospital, accompanied by their mother. The children are scheduled for an examination for infectious diseases/psychiatric examination of the child/forensic examination in accordance with the order of the prosecutor.”

The four-year-old child’s condition is critical. According to preliminary data, he has multiple fractures and an epidural hematoma. The criminal, who brutally abused his wife and children, is wanted by the authorities, but searches have so far been unsuccessful both in Lamia, where the woman originally lived, and in the Vlichos camp, where they recently lived.

The mother reported that the comatose child and has been a victim of beating in the past from her partner, writes CNN Greece. She told police that she was from Lamia and lived there with her four minor children until she met the man and they were, in her words, “stolen.” Now they live in the Vlichos camp, in the house of a 23-year-old guy.

In the last month, he began to show aggression towards children, especially the four-year-old, and towards herself. The Sub-Directorate for the Protection of Minors was informed about the latest beating, and a request to the Prosecutor’s Office for Minors to remove the children from the family for protection purposes is pending, which was not done in a timely manner.

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