December 7, 2023

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Worsening weather: meeting at the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection. Where to go in case of emergency

A general meeting will be held today at 13:00 at the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, the purpose of which is to inform and coordinate actions after updating data on the impending worsening of the weather next week.

The meeting will be attended by all relevant ministries, representatives of the National Meteorological Service ΕΜΥ and security forces, OTA first and second level, group of meteorologists, writes CNN Greece.

The General Secretariat of Civil Protection of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection has informed all competent public institutions related to this service, regions and municipalities of the country to be in constant communication. He also increased the preparedness of civil defense in order to counter the consequences of intense weather events at any time.

According to the fire department, an operational plan is being implemented to combat the risks of floods and related phenomena. Services in areas where extreme weather events are expected to occur have been placed on high alert to address any issues immediately.

According to the updated ΕΔΕΚ deteriorating extreme weather advisory issued yesterday by the ΕΔΕΚ National Weather Service, From Monday the weather will worsen, accompanied by heavy rains and storms. They will be affected Western, Central and Northern Greece. The effects will be locally severe, affecting mainly western parts of Thessaly, western and central Sterea, Epirus, western Macedonia and possibly the Ionian Sea on Monday. More areas will be affected on Tuesday and Wednesday.

ΕΜΥ will update its emergency bulletins every twelve hours. Citizens can be kept up to date with developing extreme weather events on a daily basis through EMY’s regular weather reports and official website.

For information and announcements about the current situation and the patency of the road network due to the influx of flood waters, citizens can visit ΕΛΑΣ website.

For more information and guidance on protecting yourself from severe weather, citizens can visit the website General Secretariat of Civil Protection.

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