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Unknown ancient Greek city with a king who should not have been seen by the sun

Stories, mysteries, legends and traditions surround the various places and cities of Greece. The country has hundreds of thousands of more or less explored cultural objects and ruins that reveal the great events of ancient times.

For example, the ancient Greek city in which the king lived, whom the sun should not have seen. This is a place unknown to many, which, nevertheless, impresses with what it can tell you. These are Eniades (Greek Οἰνιάδαι) – an ancient seaside city with a harbor in Acarnania, to the right of the mouth of Aheloy, which completely surrounded the city in winter, which made the siege impossible. The city prospered, especially until Hellenistic times.

As for its geographical position, judging by where its ruins are today, the city of Eniad was built on the north bank of the river Aheloy. It can be found less than five kilometers west of the current village of Katohi.

The location of the city was not chosen by chance. From the moment of its foundation, both the entrance to the Gulf of Patras and the sea artery between Akarnania and the islands of Lefkada, Ithaca and Kefalonia were controlled. The fact that it was located near the mouth of Aheloy is also important. And this is because navigation developed, and a port was created that carried out commercial activities.

Visiting this place, you can see what is left of it, and imagine what the city was like in the days of its former prosperity.


The ancient Greek city of Eniad is accompanied by a legend about its king. In the ancient city of Pella, in a castle on a hill, lived a king named Tricardo. This king had a wonderful son. His name was Aniliagos because the sun never shone on his face. When Aneliagos became king, he met and fell in love with Kira-Rini, who lived in her tower in the then ancient city of Aetolia. Tradition tells that every night he came to her, but always left the bed of lovers before dawn …

Secrets and stories that will never be revealed continue to live and flourish in every corner of Greece.

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