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Greek dakos from Crete topped the list of the 100 best salads in the world

Greek dakos salad ranked first in the top 100 best salads in the world according to TasteAtlas.

There are four more Greek salads on the prestigious hundred list, and one in the top five. Thus, the already strong culinary reputation of Greece was further strengthened. A year ago, two Greek salads were included in the previous TasteAtlas list of the best salads in the world.

And this is not surprising – thanks to the culinary passion of the Greeks, as well as the availability of fresh ingredients, Greece prepares some of the best dishes on the planet, states GreekReporter. The description on TasteAtlas of the winning lettuce reads:

Dakos or ntakos is a traditional Cretan dish consisting of dried barley croutons called paksimadi topped with crumbled myzithra cheese, sliced ​​ripe tomatoes, whole olives, capers, fresh oregano and a few generous drops of high quality olive oil. It is recommended to use such varieties of olives as Koroneiki, Lianas or Tsunats. Traditionally, mizithra cheese is used, rather than feta, which is usually ordered in tourist restaurants. Crackers are often rubbed gently with a small piece of garlic and lightly sprinkled with sea salt.”

Dakos is not the only Greek salad on the prestigious list. In fifth place – lettuce choriatiki (χωριάτικη σαλάτα ), which means village salad, or, as it is often called, Greek salad.

A simple classic dish is one of the most iconic Greek recipes. According to TasteAtlas, this salad is usually consists of “quartered tomatoes, chopped red onion and large slices of cucumber. Depending on the region, there may also be olives, green peppers, feta cheese, oregano, salt, pepper, or a typical olive oil and lemon or vinegar dressing.” The description also states:

“When feta is present in a salad, it is usually just sliced, but in some cases it is tossed with a fork until lightly crumbled. Its name suggests that it was a rustic dish where farmers would take some necessary ingredients from the field and mix them together.”

Another delicious Greek salad can be found on the list at number 24. Salad Horta consists of boiled greens and various wild plants seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice. Salad greens can include dandelion, vlite, nettle, wild spinach, mustard greens, and chicory, with the level of bitterness varying depending on the specific plant used.

A little lower, in 34th place on the list, is patatosalata – Greek potato salad. A very simple dish that draws its culinary appeal from delicious and quality ingredients. The salad consists of large pieces of potatoes topped with a delicious dressing of olive oil, mustard, yogurt or mayonnaise. Patatosalata has many different variations, you can add boiled eggs, various vegetables, olives, fresh dill or parsley to it. But no Greek potato salad is complete without lemon juice, which is essential for a fresh taste.

And finally, just below the Greek potato salad is panzarosalata. The TasteAtlas description says:

“Beetroot is the main ingredient in this vibrant Greek dish that comes in two different flavors. Boiled beetroot is either topped with a yogurt-based dressing or simply seasoned with vinegar, and the whole dish can be in the form of a thick creamy puree or as a regular salad with diced beets.”

Want to try? You will definitely succeed, because all these salads are easy to prepare. Bon appetit!

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