March 23, 2023

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"Tell me who is your friend…"

In Greece, more and more parents use the services of private detectives to obtain information about their minor children.

Where and with whom they spend time, are they in danger, are they involved in illegal activities – the main issues that concern parents against the backdrop of juvenile delinquency.

Basically, parental attention is paid to adolescents aged 12-16 – the most dangerous age, psychologists say. The mother of a 14-year-old girl explains her decision to use the services of a detective agency as follows:

“I wanted to see who my child was spending time with. When children go to elementary school, everything is different, you get to know your parents better. In middle and high school, things are a bit impersonal. I decided to find someone with whom I can see what is happening with my child.”

Stratos Georgantidis, a private investigator, says that most of the cases in his office involve investigating underage children:

“Parents come and ask us to keep an eye on their kids: let’s look at their activities, their environment, the people they meet.”

According to Mr. Georgantidis, parents of 12-16-year-old teenagers usually turn to him because behavior change their children writes

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