February 21, 2024

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Chalkis: diving dangerous for life

Some teenagers in Chalkis have a particularly dangerous pastime – it is completely reckless to jump from the old city bridge to swim in the sea. Diving with a risk to life is often seen by passers-by, but no one intervenes in what is happening.

The scene was repeated on Sunday 12 June, according to evima.gr, while among the adults who reacted was a well-known city doctor. Posting the photo on Facebook, he denounced the “complete absence of the Port Authority at the scene” and said that none of the regulars of the nearby shops, who stood up to watch what was happening, intervened.

“Today the children jumped from the old bridge in Chalkis! I was sitting in a nearby cafe and didn’t have time to do anything the first time. Some of the cafes got up to see what had happened. But only no one intended to somehow help or reason with the tomboys! Then I called the police and reported this … They answered me that the port authorities would be notified. At this time, the teenagers climbed onto the bridge again and were about to jump from it! I told them that I would take a picture and “let you know where it is necessary”, and they leave, but after a while they return … I interfere with them again … and those sitting in the cafe just look at me … I congratulate the citizens, all those who saw what was happening, but did not interfere! If it was their own child, would they do the same??? I congratulate the port officer, who even “did not move his ear” … And the head of the port should also be very proud of those whom he manages, ”the doctor’s post on Facebook says.

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