April 24, 2024

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When a girl doused with sulfuric acid shows her face

Joanna Paliospirou continues to demonstrate her courage and a huge supply of internal strength, continuing to fight for the restoration of health and the healing of extensive burns received as a result of a fierce attack by her rival.

Answering questions from her followers, she touched on a number of topics about her health, self-confidence and said that she would soon take off her mask, writes in.gr.

“I’m recovering from surgery … I have an open wound that worries me a lot. But I’m patient. I hope it won’t be too” hard “for you. Now this is my life,” Ioanna Paliospirou wrote on social networks.

She notes that she has never had a panic attack, and as for her self-confidence, she says, “the people around me, family and friends, make sure that I am always on top. And even when it becomes unbearable, they support in every possible way.

As to whether there will ever be a time when she takes off her mask, the young woman replies: “Yes, it will be very soon, because I need to share my new look with you. This is a necessary step in the process of accepting myself and feeling like I am moving forward in life. I feel fear… but I’m ready to meet it “face to face””.

In more detail about this shocking story, when a girl was doused with sulfuric acid in Kallithea, wrote “Russian Athens”.

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