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Concert of the dance and song ensemble “Kuban Cossack freeman” in Athens

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, with the support of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Hellenic Republic, invites you to the concert of the State Concert Dance and Song Ensemble “Kuban Cossack Freedom”.

Artistic director – People’s Artist of Russia Nikolai Kubar.

The concert program will include choral works, songs and dances of the peoples of Russia, glorifying the beauty of their native places.

The concert takes place within the framework of the Days of Russia with the inclusion of spiritual events in Greece.

The concert will take place on December 13, at 20:00 in Megaro Muzyki Athens.


Winner of the Grand Prix of the International Folklore Festival in Billingham (Great Britain); Laureate of the folklore festival of the Black Sea countries in Thessaloniki (Greece)

Artistic Director: People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, Hero of Labor of the Kuban, Professor Nikolai Vasilievich Kubar

The State Concert Dance and Song Ensemble “Kuban Cossack Freeman” is a collective that is the hallmark of the Krasnodar Philharmonic Society and the Cossack culture of the Kuban. For more than 30 years of history, the ensemble has become widely known throughout Russia and loved for the unique flavor of the national culture, which the ensemble perfectly embodies on stage.

More than a hundred ballet and choir dancers represent the diverse culture of the Kuban and Russian regions where the Cossacks live: the Don, the Volga region, the Orenburg region, the Far East, etc. The collective embodies the diversity and richness of the cultural heritage of the Cossacks. Particular attention is paid to the pronunciation, the specificity of the dialects of the Cossacks of different regions, and at the same time, the unity of historical roots, worldview, and attitude to their native land is emphasized.

The repertoire of the ensemble includes more than 40 choreographic performances, each of which is a pearl in the rich collection of folk-stage dance. Cossack, Armenian, Adyghe, Moldavian, Greek and many other performances are dearly loved by the audience and are always accepted with a bang. The stage shows the rituals of the Kuban, Don, Volga Cossacks, dashing incendiary dances rich in complex technique, incredible tricks with combat daggers, in the author’s productions of the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Vasilyevich Kubar. The audience is also presented with vocal and choreographic compositions, where the choral group of artists dashingly dances along with the ballet dancers. Favorite Kuban Cossack songs, which are heard by everyone, sound in original arrangement.

Today it is a well-known ensemble, masterly combining folk tradition and modernity in their performances. Each concert is a real holiday and a theatrical performance that combines song, musical and choreographic culture of different nations.

In recent years, the collective has become a participant in many events of Russian and international significance, where it proudly represented Russia and showed the original culture of the Kuban: the artists took part in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games. Formula 1 in Sochi, performed in the cultural program at international summits, took part in the meeting of the heads of state of Russia and North Korea, at the opening ceremony of the IX World Choir Games, which our country hosted for the first time, the team is a permanent participant in the traditional reception for members of the State Council RF.

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