December 7, 2023

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“My Home”: applications for the housing program until September 29

The deadline for submitting applications for the “My Home” housing program (“Σπίτι μου”) ends on Friday, September 29, 2023 at 14:00.

According to the State Employment Service (DYPA), since the launch of the program on April 3, 2023 to date, more than 40,000 applications have been submitted, of which 23,875 have received preliminary approval and 9,378 have moved to the approval stage, i.e. a legal and technical inspection of the property was carried out. The state allocated 742 million euros from the total DYPA budget for the program.

60% of the 9,378 approved loans relate to newlyweds, and 88% to beneficiaries with an annual income of less than 24,000 euros.

  • Most loans approved in Attica region (39%)
  • Central Macedonia Region (22%)
  • Region Eastern Macedonia-Thrace (7%)
  • Region of Thessaly (6%)
  • Western Greece region (6%).

As a result of the approval, a total of 989.5 million euros have been disbursed, and the average loan amount is 105,510 euros.

Let us remind you that under the “My Home” program, young people or couples aged 25-39 years who do not have real estate suitable for living and meet certain income criteria, can purchase their first home with a monthly payment significantly lower than that of mortgages on the market, since 75% of the capital is provided interest-free by DYPA. While for those who have three children, large families and those who acquire this status, the loan is interest-free in general.

The Σπίτι μου program is implemented in partnership between DYPA, the Hellenic Development Bank (EAT) and the country’s 10 cooperating banking institutions, following an order of priority from the very beginning of applications.

It should be noted that interested parties who have already applied and received pre-financial approval from their bank can, until the stipulated period of 60 days has expired, provide a unique number for the property they are interested in and after that the bank will send their request to the EBA.

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