December 7, 2023

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Kadyrov Jr. as "punisher" (video)

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, published a video and an extensive post about his pride in his son beating the man who burned the Koran: “I’m proud.”

In the video, his son Adam beats Nikita Zhuravl in a pre-trial detention center, who was previously detained for burning a Koran in the Russian Volgograd. Kadyrov commentedthat he is proud of his son’s actions:

“The Internet is still arguing about the fact that Adam Kadyrov beat the arsonist of the Holy Quran, Nikita Zhuravel, an accomplice of the Ukrainian special services. Was it or not? He beat him and did the right thing. Moreover, I believe that the one who encroached on any Holy Scripture, in In particular, the one who demonstratively burns it, who thereby insulted tens of millions of citizens of our great country, must suffer severe punishment.”

The head of Chechnya added: “Our state educates in the ideals of tolerance, tolerance and love for each other, and people like Zhuravel do not understand the language of persuasion, do not want to build a state, develop it. Without exaggeration, yes, I am proud of Adam’s action. He has always been distinguished “the desire to grow not among his peers, but among his elders, thanks to which he develops adult ideals of honor, dignity and defense of his religion. I respect his choice.”

In August, 19-year-old Nikita Zhuravel, a native of Ukraine, arrested for burning the Koran in the Russian Volgograd, reported that he was beaten in a pre-trial detention center in Grozny by the 15-year-old son of the head of Chechnya, Adam Kadyrov. The day before, the pro-government public pages “ChP/Vainakh” and “ChP/Grozny” reported about the beating of Crane. They published posts of the same content with reference to information from employees of the FSIN department for Chechnya.

Previously, Kadyrov has repeatedly threatened violence against those who carry out Koran burning events. A video of a similar action in Volgograd appeared on social networks on May 19. Just two days later, security forces reported the arrest of suspect Nikita Zhuravl, who moved to Volgograd from Crimea and worked as a food delivery person.

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