Tsitsipas was vaccinated by J&J to take part in the Australian Open

Stefanos Tsitsipas has reportedly been vaccinated with a single dose of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine and will be able to compete in the Australian Open, a correspondent for Greek state broadcaster ERT in Melbourne said on Friday.

The reporter said that Tsitsipas, according to sources from his family environment, received a one-time vaccination and will not have any problems with participation in the Australian Open tennis championship.

His colleague, the first racket of the world Novak Djokovic, will be deported from Australia, as he refused vaccination for medical reasons. The deportation of Djokovic, according to several bookmaker companies, will give Tsitsipas great chances to receive a trophy. report media

The story with the admission of the first racket of the world Novak Djokovic to the Australian Open spilled over into the sport and acquired an international scandal after the 34-year-old Serb was detained at the Melbourne airport on Thursday night.

Yesterday’s tennis star said he received permission from the Australian state of Victoria to enter the country without mandatory vaccinations and 14-day quarantine. Two medical commissions decided that Djokovic should not be vaccinated for health reasons.

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The information angered some Australians, who felt that the famous athlete was granted illegal privileges, despite the huge wave of covid infections in the country. But what happened next can be qualified as real madness. Apparently because of this, when Novak arrived on the Green Continent, the Australian government decided to cancel his Australian visa.

Some believe that this was done for political reasons – against the backdrop of public dissatisfaction with the decision of the authorities of the state of Victoria. At the time of crossing the border at the Djokovic airport, it was announced that when considering a quarantine case, he provided inaccurate documents, which means that he received a visa illegally.

The athlete was then taken to a hotel for migrants awaiting deportation. Serb lawyers are still trying to appeal against the decision to refuse to issue a visa. But the behavior of Australians towards the famous tennis player – one of the most successful in history, the nine-time winner of the Australian Open – looks offensive. As strong as Novak’s stance on vaccinations is, he is now trapped in a big political game.

Stop chasing the world’s best tennis player

The level of the scandal can be estimated at least by the fact that the explanation of the reasons for the actions of the border service in relation to the sports star was personally given by the Prime Minister of the Australian state of Victoria Scott Morrison. At this stage, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic intervened. The conversation with Djokovic took place by phone. “I had a telephone conversation with Djokovic and told him that the Serbian state authorities are doing everything to put an end to the persecution of the best tennis player in the world. – posted by Vucic on Instagram. “Our country will fight for Novak, truth and justice, using all the norms of international law.” Probably the large Serbian diaspora in Australia is also agitated by what happened in the Green Continent and will put pressure on the authorities. They have nowhere to retreat.

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– Andy Grayson (@ AndyGrays0n) January 5, 2022

As you might expect, the medical appeal that Djokovic received from the government of Victoria raised many questions. Many, including the Australian Tennis Association, urged Novak to voluntarily disclose confidential information about the disease, which allowed him to escape quarantine. However, the strategy that the Australian government has chosen in this situation does not fit into any gate either.

Everything would be nothing in this situation, if it were not for the fact that the Australian authorities, who placed Djokovic in quarantine and threatened him with deportation (if the court rejects his complaint on Monday), allowed several other sportsmen to enter the country and participate in the Australian Open with exactly the same the same vaccination status and document – medical exemption …

And if it was a forgery in the documents, then why was it not found immediately after obtaining a visa, and why, in order to detect this violation, it was necessary to wait for Djokovic’s plane to take off. Who needed to bring the case to the detention of Novak and the threat of deportation? But the tennis player was clearly not going to break the law. He could not find a place for himself at the airport and did not make a scandal, and his sporting achievements indicate that he is worthy, at least, of respect and careful attitude from the law enforcement agencies. Why should the Australian Prime Minister not have brought the situation with the first racket of the world to a quarantine hotel and provided him with a plane to fly to any of the countries that are ready to accept it?

The President of Serbia and Djokovic’s dad and mom, like all normal people who watch double standards in action in amazement, believe that if Djokovic were not a Serb, but an American, the Australian authorities would not dare to treat him the way they treat illegal migrants trying to enter their backwater country …

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– RF – Invests (@RFInvests) January 5, 2022

And now the court will have to deal with this, which, undoubtedly, will not add optimism to the first racket of the world before the Grand Slam tournament. If Djokovic wins the Australian Open, then he can become the record holder among tennis players who have a chance to win the 21st Grand Slam title (21 wins this season) and win the tenth consecutive victory in the overall standings in Melbourne, and the first this year. It is also clear that the organizers are very interested in seeing the Serbian tourist come to the court after all. Novak’s absence from the Australian Open paves the way for the title to his main rivals, including the freshly vaccinated Tsitsipas.


However, most of all I was struck by the fact that the main rival of Djokovic in this tournament, the Spanish tennis player Nadal, showed “sports solidarity” – in a press conference, when asked about what was happening with Djokovic, Nadal muttered in bad English that “rules are rules for every “(there are rules for every).

At the same time, the Australian governor confirmed that the law (what kind of law, they come up with rules every time, not having time to give them a legislative form) applies to everyone, including very rich people (like Djokovic) … And if everything is clear with Nadal – a potential main competitor liquidated and the paths to retreat are cut off, then the head of administration would like to ask: if the law is the same for everyone, then why other athletes are not allowed into the country, and Djokovic is being bullied?

His dad is right when he says it is because he is a Serb … If he were a citizen of the United States or Great Britain, or any other “friendly” country, they would let them in without thinking about how they let others in … But there is a special attitude towards Serbs. .. Hypocrites …

PPS No offense to our athlete, be it said, but one-shot vaccine from Johnson & Johnson officially nBegins to act 2 weeks after administration. So before that, the Greek athlete should not be considered vaccinated. However, as they like to say now, this is different …

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– Polar (@ P0laaar_) January 5, 2022

A little bit of humor in the end.

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