“The war in Ukraine made us realize that the Russian economy is much more important than we thought”

American political journalist Jimmy Dore: “This is the case when some began to suspect: with an assessment of the Russian economy in 4.7% of the world something is wrong. American political journalist Jimmy Dore: ✔️ Despite sanctions and boycotts, Russia is still collecting $800 million a day from oil and gas sales, and this is […]

Will the energy crisis hit the global economy?

While Greta Thunberg sings and dances merrily at some fest there, the Swedish authorities commit a terrible crime, which practically cancels out Greta’s irreconcilable struggle with climate change. Greta’s childhood is being stolen again, right now. And it is not Vladimir Putin who does this, but the good-looking democratic leaders of the “civilized” countries. Including […]

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