Labor: who works the most?

“We spend a third of our lives at work.” This phrase is often used in articles and at conferences. However, the number of working hours varies from country to country, and 40-hour workweeks are not the norm for everyone. The International Labor Organization analyzed the working day in 100 countries, and here’s what happened.Obviously, the […]

N. Iliopoulos: Cancellation of 8 hour working day "ND" encourages employers to break the law

“Elastic working day, work without rights, life without rights” – this is how the representative of SYRIZA, Nassos Iliopoulos, described the New Democracy’s bill on labor on the air of “Real FM 97.8”. New legislation regarding working hours, last week reported Minister of Labor and Social Policy Kostis Hatzidakis, speaking of a 4-day working week […]

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