7 measures to support employment

In order to further reduce the unemployment rate, young people will receive government support. Within six months, they will receive an amount of 1200 euros from the state upon their first employment. In the coming months, the Ministry of Labor will implement seven programs with a total and additional value of € 1.193 billion aimed […]

We work for half a year to pay taxes

The Greeks have to work a little less than half a day to cover their obligations to the tax authorities. Every year for the past five years, research has been carried out in Greece to measure the tax “wounds” inflicted on the Greek population. Have you ever wondered how many days a year we Greek […]

TOP 10: the best employers in Greece

As the coronavirus pandemic is under partial control and economic life is returning to normal, the new status quo of the Greek economy has created prospects for the labor market. Thus, employees are called upon to adapt to a different order of things, when new professions offer broader prospects and better pay. * High recognition […]

Greece is the champion in job cuts

A new study by EuroFound shows that Greece is unfortunately the European champion in job cuts during the Covid-19 health crisis. The statistics, which come daily from European services, describe an extremely negative picture of our country’s actions to overcome the crisis and refute all the well-known arguments put forward by the authorities and pro-government […]

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