Showers and gusty wind – bad weather is already in Greece

A wave of bad weather, as predicted by forecasters, came to the country on Saturday, bringing downpours and gusty winds. According to the National Observatory of Athens /, rain and thunderstorms have already been recorded in many areas of the Greek mainland. Until yesterday, the ZEUS lightning detection system recorded about 1600 flashes. According […]

Weather: heat up to + 40 ° С

According to meteorologists at the National Observatory of Athens, the country will experience its first heat wave next week. The instability of the weather, which is already the twelfth day today, is likely to last until Monday. Meteorologists predict significant changes and heat up to + 40 ° C. “For three days, June 19, […]

Emergency weather forecast

The National Meteorological Bureau EMY has issued an Emergency Bulletin on deteriorating weather. Forecasters warn of heavy rainfall, heavy thunderstorms, hail and stormy winds, adverse weather events that will be observed in the afternoon in Northern Greece. In particular, from today Thursday, 27-05-2021, in the afternoon in the north of Greece, a temporary change in […]

Easter with heat and African dust

According to the latest forecast data from the National Observatory of Athens, on Easter weekend there will be good, slightly cloudy and quite summer weather. This means that the conditions will be ideal for a festive feast in nature. The wind speed will not exceed 4-5 on the Beaufort scale, but the concentration of dust […]

The weather is not happy: the forecast of meteorologists for the next few days

According to the National Observatory of Athens, the weather will change shortly before Holy Week. Despite the fact that today the air temperature began to rise, forecasters at the National Observatory of Athens predict worsening weather. According to, the weather front will come to Greece with rain, African dust and strong winds. This is […]

Worse weather: cold snap

The weather is worsening today as the invasion of the cold weather front will affect most of the country. Rain and thunderstorms are expected in places (on the Greek mainland and in the Aegean Sea), according to forecasters from the National Meteorological Service ΕΜΥ. Snow will fall in mountainous areas, mainly in the central and […]