Diomides: torrential rains, temperature drops and snow

The National Meteorological Service, EMY, has issued an Emergency Bulletin on Hazardous Weather Events, re-calling them “Diomidis” (“Διομήδης”). As EMY director Todoris Colidas explains, the main features of the weather front will be heavy rainfall, stormy winds and significant temperature drops. Weather forecast from meteo.gr Deterioration for today and tomorrow (10 and 11 January), the […]

Cyclone "Nearchos" ready to strike Greece

In the next 24 hours, the Mediterranean cyclone Nearchos is expected to hit Greece. Meteorologists make their forecasts, but the cyclone is too unpredictable … Cloudy weather with rain and thunderstorms that are likely to be short-lived but heavy is expected from Sunday 31 October, according to the National Meteorological Service’s weather forecast. According to […]

Bad weather on the way: showers, storm wind and hail

The National Meteorological Service has issued an Emergency Bulletin of Hazardous Weather Events, the forecast of which is alarming. Heavy rains, thunderstorms, hail and strong winds appear in the meteorological report. Bad weather will initially cover the northwest of Greece from Wednesday night (06-10-2021). According to EMY, the main characteristics of a bad weather front […]

Weather: find out the forecast

Comfort, a sense of satisfaction of almost every person consists of many components, among which there are not only material security, but also susceptibility to the influence of external factors. Among the latter is the weather, which in the most direct way affects our mood and health. And although it is impossible to exert any […]