Weather: A rare occurrence is expected on November 12 – showers, snow and heavy winds

Heavy rain, wind and snow in the mountains are expected tomorrow, Saturday 12 November. Meteorologist Sakis Arnautoglu predicts that “most ski resorts in the country, such as in western Macedonia, will ‘dress in white.’ It is possible that heavy snow will fall within a few hours and at an altitude of 1200 meters”, the first […]

Severe weather warning

According to the latest data published by the National Weather Service EMY, an unfavorable weather front is approaching Greece. Meteorologists are warning of extreme weather deterioration. The barometric minimum formed in the upper atmosphere over Italy is shifting to the southeast. Cyclone GENESIS will mainly cover western, central and northern Greece starting today Thursday (09.06) […]

Rare impressive natural phenomenon in Chania

The inhabitants of Chania were very impressed by the extraordinary natural phenomenon, which the locals call the “walking fog”. According to flashnews, warm and humid air, met with the cold “breath” of the sea, caused a rare atmospheric phenomenon – “ομίχλη μεταφοράς”, which enveloped the northern coast of Chania (Crete). The phenomenon was observed on […]

Lekkas: we were again unprepared for natural disasters

The unpreparedness for natural disasters was pointed out by the professor of geology and disaster management Efthymios Lekkas, saying that he tried to contact responsible persons from Attiki Odosbut without success, although he assumed that could happen. In an interview with ERT, the professor noted that “excuses about not knowing the upcoming snowfall intensity look, […]

Nine tornadoes were recorded in Greece in 2021

In Greece in 2021, 97 waterspouts and nine land tornadoes were recorded causing property damage. Most of the siphons appeared in October (24) and January (23), but the most catastrophic ones were recorded in November and December last year. Most of the sea tornadoes were observed near the Dodecanese Islands (21), in the western region […]

V "foggy albion" turned Athens

A thick fog covered Athens, and users of social networks did not hesitate to upload unique images of the city, which suddenly became similar to London, on the Internet. In the opinion of some “romantic”, and according to others – “eerie”, the landscape created a thick fog that covered most of Attica at night. The […]

Is winter back?

Cold weather with severe frosts was recorded this morning in the northern and central regions of mainland Greece. The lowest temperature, according to the network of automatic meteorological stations of the National Observatory of Athens /, was recorded in the village of Vlasta (Kozani), with a value of -9.4 ° C. In addition, low […]