Nevzorov became a citizen of Ukraine

Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov, who was put on the wanted list in the Russian Federation, received Ukrainian citizenship. His wife also became a citizen of Ukraine. Commenting on the decision of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the journalist said, quoting UP: “About Ukrainian citizenship. Without further ado… I take the side of the victim. And I […]

Help find a child

Traces of a five-year-old girl from Odessa were lost. Perhaps she is in one of the European countries, and you have seen her. The search for 5-year-old Sofia Golinskaya from the Ukrainian city of Balta, Odessa region, is being conducted throughout Europe. The organization “Child’s Smile” (“Χαμόγελο του Παιδιού”) announced her search. Until September 30, […]

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