Halki: an island untouched by the coronavirus that thirsts for tourists

Unaffected by the coronavirus, as no cases have been reported on the island to date, but with residents who have shown remarkable dedication to vaccinations, Halki is a “Covid-free paradise” that tourists crave, a fact that has caught the attention of Reuters. Alekos Sfiriou untangles the line with a news agency spokesman and says he […]

Tourism: British prepare vaccination passports, but “4 out of 10 won’t go anywhere”

According to the Daily Mail, while the Boris Johnson administration intends to prepare vaccination passports by May 17 so that Britons can vacation in Greece and other countries abroad, many have been rather lukewarm about the idea of ​​going anywhere this year. A government source told the Daily Mail that vaccination passports, whether digital or […]

Germany to buy 30 million doses of Sputnik-V

While Kiryakos Mitsotakis, fighting off from his political opponent Alexis Tsipras, trying in every possible way to maintain adherence to a rather dangerous vaccine AstraZeneca, his colleague Mikael Kretschmer announced the decision to purchase Sputnik-V. In the period from June to August, Germany will purchase a total of 30 million doses of the Russian vaccine […]

The vaccination platform is open to people aged 55-59

People between the ages of 55 and 59 can make an appointment for the Covid-19 vaccination from Wednesday on the platform emvolio.gov.gr… Participants in the 50-54 age group will be able to do the same from Saturday. Meanwhile, Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine shipments are expected to begin in May, on condition that it receives the […]

Vaccinations: 4.5 million Pfizer vaccines by June, vaccination opening for 50-year-olds

“The supply of Covid-19 vaccines will be increased,” Primary Health Care Secretary General Marios Themistocleous said at a regular briefing, noting that a platform for citizens aged 50 to 59 will open within a few days. Mr. Themistocleous stressed that 2,530,000 doses have been administered to date. More than 1,760,000 citizens have been vaccinated with […]

Pfizer Vaccine – Benefits, Side Effects, and For whom it is not recommended

Against the background of possible cases of thrombosis after AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccinations, I would like to know more about alternative options. Are there any side effects of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine? Can everyone do it? For example, a high-level vaccine was delivered to Ukraine only a couple of days ago. And […]

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