Horror over the death of the dentist who gave both doses of the vaccine

The news that a patient, who received both doses of the vaccine and did not suffer from underlying medical conditions, died “from the shock” of the deadly virus, caused shock and serious concern. The fact was confirmed by the director of the intensive care unit of the Papanikolaou hospital in Thessaloniki and the pulmonologist Nikos […]

The vaccine injection site attracts metal objects

We’ve all seen vaccinated people surprised that, after an injection, they can place various metal objects on their vaccinated arm (from coins to nail clippers and scissors!), They get magnetized and don’t fall! The internet is full of these videos. The answer was given by a specialist, cardiologist Konstantinos Arvanitis, who expressed his opinion on […]

The erotic mood “rises” thanks to … vaccines

According to 4 out of 10 participants in a study conducted in Greece and Cyprus, mass vaccinations, which are stable and aimed at herd immunity, appear to have a positive effect on the “sexual mood” of the population. In particular, vaccine-inspired optimism has fueled the expectation that this summer will be extremely erotic in the […]

Abdominal vascular thrombosis in a 27-year-old girl after J&J vaccination

Extensive thrombosis of the vessels of the abdominal cavity was diagnosed in a 27-year-old girl, a resident of the island of Kerkyra, after being vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson. She has “99% of a complication clearly related to the vaccine,” says the director of the ΠΓΝΠ hematology clinic. A resident of Kerkyra was admitted to […]

New changes in the vaccination process

The new changes, announced by the General Secretary of Primary Health Care, Marios Themistokleous, aim to vaccinate as many people as possible. During today’s briefing, Mr. Themistokleous mentioned some changes in the vaccination process that will accelerate the coverage of the population with coronavirus vaccinations in Greece. New SMS for the unvaccinated from today. For […]

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