Chania furious: Drunk American sailors broke into a hotel room where there was a minor

Residents of Chania on the island of Crete took to the streets, demanding from foreign military forces, including NATO forces and the US Navy, proper behavior and punishment of those responsible. The protest came after an incident on Sunday when a group of drunken American sailors from the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman broke […]

US military personnel accidentally leaked classified information about nuclear weapons

Deutsche Welle reports data leaks and secret security protocols on US nuclear weapons and bases held in Europe. According to a German newspaper, some American soldiers in charge of nuclear weapons used publicly available flashcard applications (training systems), revealing a range of sensitive and classified data. Although the presence of US nuclear weapons in Europe […]

US military accused Biden of Marxism

Following Turkey and France, the United States joined the uplifting genre of open letters from the military to the leadership. A group of 124 retired generals and admirals posted on the website an open letter regarding what is happening in the country, stating that now (!) there is a decisive war between “supporters of […]

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