How US intelligence miscalculated with Ukraine and Afghanistan

A scrupulous internal review is being conducted within the US intelligence community after clear miscalculations in analyzing the combat power of military forces in the situations in Afghanistan and Ukraine. CNN talks about this, citing its sources. Key legislators on Capitol Hill believe that intelligence predictions about the two major foreign policy crises facing the […]

NYT: Sink the Missile Cruiser "Moscow" helped the USA

The United States helped sink the missile cruiser Moskva, The New York Times writes, citing officials. And their colleagues from The Washington Post say that with the help of American intelligence, several high-ranking Russian military men were killed. The Americans provided intelligence that helped Ukrainian forces locate and strike the flagship of the Russian Black […]

US intelligence gained access to data from a Wuhan laboratory, but … in Mandarin Chinese

CNN reports receiving classified information from the Wuhan laboratory by US intelligence agencies. Now scientists have to decipher them, which turned out to be not so easy – all the information in the database is written in Chinese, or rather, in its Mandarin dialect. CNN cites numerous knowledgeable sources and tells what is known to […]

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